May 12, 2017

SPIN x Las Vegas bring Walshy Fire & Aluna George to Downtown Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Eventbrite

I know as a Las Vegas local, Downtown is a space where you can go to find a good cheap meal, beautiful scenery and art work as well as your signature fancy cocktail assembled by your favorite mixologist. Well last night DTLV’s infamous Bunkhouse Saloon was the hub for a pop up event put on by Spin Magazine and Las featuring the likes of the English electronic duo Aluna George and my favorite Jamaican music man Walshy Fire of Major Lazer and Black Chiney. 

I suppose the internet didn’t unleash it’s dragon when advertising about this event due to the capacity of Bunkhouse but luckily I have friends (and bosses) who look out for my love of all things Mad Decent related. I got a text on Wednesday sending me a link to the show from my boss and was like… who are you, how do you know this lol. Well needless to say I didn’t work yesterday and was super excited to see what this event had in store. 

Per the usual my friend and I left the house later than planned, we had to stop for some thirsty Thursday margaritas at El Segundo, yes just rhyme something with the day of the week and it justifies your weekday drinking lol.

The event flyer stated that the show would start at 8 and we ended up not leaving until about 7:45. But the drive was pretty smooth even with the horrendous construction on the 15 and we arrived downtown around 8:20. The line was pretty long, made me feel like I was on the strip for a moment but the staff seemed to have their shit together so the line went by pretty fast and pretty smooth besides the chichi crowd having to hold up the line to text their “connect” to get them in… it was a free show like WTF, but anyway ending my ramble rant I liked how they had to look up your name on the list versus the scanning of tickets, I feel like that made it go buy a little less painlessly.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out as far as who was going on first, what time or whatever but when we got there the music was already popping so I was like damn they started already. But to my surprise there was a female Dj spinning with a style like a fashion editor of some fancy magazine and she was getting down. So me being me wanted to know who she was and at the end of her set I got to chat her up. Her name is Dj Crykit and she was hosting a fashion event after ( I knew it !) At the near by bar Commonwealth called Crykits Playhouse. I’m going to check her out because her whole everything was stuff I liked 

Next up was WALSHY FIRE, POW POW POW ! I was so excited and to be there with one of my close friends Lisa who is part of our girl squad that travels all over the country (and sometimes outside of it) to see Major Lazer performing was super amazing. Obviously we were front row for Walshy Fire ready to get rowdy and wine pon somting. 

Photo Credit – Lisa B.

Man oh man, I was not ready to that trippy on a Thursday night downtown. Walshy came out all shy like he was feeling out the vibe of the crowd then once he got started the vibe went from show to something out of a Jamaican dancehall. Zero to one hundred real quick and I’m sure bunkhouse isn’t built for all that booty bouncing and hip wining because it turned into a sweat box lol. 

I haven’t gone that hard at a show in a long time, probably since his “Rumset” set during the Mad Decent Boat Party cruise. The music was fire and I think because I was downtown grooving and not in a stiff ass nightclub I felt more comfortable to pull out all my awesome dance moves lol. After his set I went to the bar to get a drink and found out there was open bar and free food (how did I over look these things) so I grabbed a few Desert Rose drinks,aka the ones with tequila and snacked on a mini veggie pizza and grabbed some cool swag from the ambassadors working the event too .

Alunageorge came out the gate swinging with their fly ass dancers and throwing down all of the popular hits keeping the crowd singing and dancing the entire performance. I’m not going to lie I only came there to see Walshy Fire but ended up staying during most of their set because the energy was so good and the songs had me dancing all over again.

Getting close to bedtime I went back outside to say my good byes and ended up running into Walshy who was chilling with my local favorites Dave Fogg and TeenWolf. I talked his ear off for a minute and he asked me if I lived in Vegas and then I thought OK, that’s a valid question because y’all see me all over the country but yes I confirmed that Vegas his my home, Walshy said he liked the vibe of Downtown and that it’s crazy how different from the strip it is. After posing for some photos it was time to head out. 

All in all tonight was a great success I really hope they do more events in this style with the DJ and performance together in a dope ass spot. Thanks to all my friends and fellow Collective Zoo family I ran into. Hope to see you guys on the dance floor again 😘


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