July 11, 2017

Scream Your Heart Out to the Emo Sounds of The Production Team Djs

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The emo kids of 2017 have it a bit harder than our hay-days of the early 2000’s. My Chemical Romance is nowhere to be found. The cool kids from your Myspace “top 8” have been replaced with an endless Facebook timeline of stalking advertisements and baby pictures. The emo swoop has somehow transformed into the topknot and emo shows are way too far and few in-between. But all hope is not lost thanks to Jon and Jonathan of The Production Team Dj’s.

The Production Team Dj’s hail from the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and these two dashing young lads have found the cure for your emo music withdrawals. Being fed up with the lack of The Used, Old school Paramore, and Panic at the Disco being played in regular rotation and made easily accessible the two Jon’s joined forces to bring emo music back to the masses. This dj duo spins a mix featuring the greats and even the not so greats of emo music,The Production Team Dj’s started off playing shows just to bring something different for people to listen to and quickly went into hosting a monthly “Emo Night” party in Downtown Las Vegas,

Once I heard about this, I had to talk with the guys so…. I ended up interviewing them and finding out the roots of their madness. Learn more about Production Team Dj’s ! Come on, grab a beer and maybe some tissues if you’re really emo.

I get it but, Who are The Production Team Djs ?

We are just a couple of guys who really like playing Emo music from the late 90s and early 2000’s , Screamo, Emo, Metalcore and anything related.

What made you guys take on this project, Bringing back Emo music is a big responsibility. What was the inspiration for doing such a thing ?

So we were getting drunk one morning at like 6 a.m. after we got off work. Where I (Jon) was the production manager and he (Jonathan) was the lighting operator. We decided while we were out to play some music on the juke box, and then we realized that all we were playing was Emo music. Then Jonathan looks at me and says, “Hey, Someone should Dj this”. Then I was like “We should Dj this” and then less than a week later we had our first gig.

What made you go with the name “Production Team Djs ?

Well, When we first started out djing, we went by the name Dungasaures-wrex. He was Dunsgas (Jon) and I was RS-WREX (Jonathan). We thought it was funny, but after the first event at The Hard Hat and having the event become successful we wanted to step our game up knowing that it would be a reoccurring party.

What Did I Do This Weekend – I just really love that all this shit is organic, that you guys collectively were like I really fucks with this Emo music and I’m not going to let it die. Slightly drunk and all in the feels.

How did you guys come up with the MySpace flyer that I fell in love with ?

What Did I Do This Weekend – I really love this flyer, so much that I actually have it in my purse and carry it with me.

Production Team Djs – The inspiration for the MySpace flyer came from thinking about the music and what was specific at that time. Tom and MySpace were at its peak during the same years as Emo music. There was no Facebook, No Instagram, and Twitter was a little baby. EVERYONE had MySpace. So that is very iconic and symbolic of the times. MySpace was an entirely different world because it was before the days of copy right infringement and advertisement. Back in the day when people posted things it was organic and because they genuinely enjoyed what they were telling their friends about. We want to bring that feeling back into music.

How do you feel about taking the sounds of the past and bringing them into 2017 ?

Well working in the industry, We get exposed to artist that still have a lot of love for the music and incorporate it in small increments. With artist like The Chainsmokers playing the Ataris and Yellowcard, they are playing the music of our generation even though that phase has “peaked” these young artist who are popular now are still allowing that music to be played. Even artist like Skrillex are going back to their roots and playing with “From First to Last” which we play on a regular basis, because yea we love Sonny Moore. Even huge edm artists like Dillion Francis went down to emo night la and played an hour set, what less than 3 months ago. He played as “Preston” his emo persona. That was great in exposing this younger generation to the music that the artist they know and love grew up on.

So if you guys are new to the game, How did you get so popular so quickly ?

So we went into a bar and said “Hey, Can we play here, You don’t have to pay us but let us have an open bar tab and see what happens. We found a place that let us do this and it took off from there.

What Did I Do This Weekend – That’s so fucking dope. That’s cool. Real Fan Love.

Production Team Djs – I mean everyone has to start somewhere. And we honestly didn’t know if it was going to be awesome or just be a fucking train wreck.

What Did I Do This Weekend – I know but I think that is so awesome that you guys actually went out there and did that, because I feel like a lot of people grew up going to shows in Downtown Las Vegas to venues like Jillian’s and the Huntridge and Beauty Bar, most of which aren’t even open anymore. Going to see all kinds of Emo bands and scremo and metal and whatever. I used to go see The Cab and Cobra Starship and all the local bands and I remember that as a very distinctive part of my life. And with you guys bringing it back in a form that is easily accessible on the fly. I appreciate it and I have about 3 Paramore tattoos to prove it.

Production Team Djs – We try to keep it interesting, We can’t just play our own personal playlist every night and expect people to show up. We like to do themes and the last theme we did was a St. Patrick’s Day party so we did an Emo b2b Dropkick Murphys set. That event was one of our most popular shows. Somehow by the end of the night we ended up with a remix of House of Pain and Dropkick Murphys. We mixed the iconic track “Jump Around” to a Dropkick Murphys beat. And it was fucking great. Coming up were planning on doing a homage to the “When Punk Goes Pop” albums. With pop hits of today in an Emo cover style. We want to engage a younger demographic and also stick to our roots. Teach these kids about who the OG bands are and where the original version of that remake they know came from.

What shows do you guys have coming up next ? Where can people experience this Emo meets Dj conundrum ?

We’ve got a show coming up on Tuesday July 11th at Hard Hat Lounge in Downtown Las Vegas. Come out and dance, scream your heart out, take some shots and possibly cry.

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