countdown 2015 jazzlyn kirkland

After yet another fun year full of adventures with my friends, rave family and new buddies I met along the way, I got the opportunity to attend Insomniac’s New Years Eve festival “Countdown” for the first time. A long lost friend of mine showed up like a rave fairy and gave me a pass to the show. A lot of my friends from Las Vegas we’re already going and previous to my friend gifting me my wristband I would not have been able to make it to the show. But everything happens for a reason, I met up with my girl friend from home and a couple of her pals from California and we all got ready together and I drove us to the event.

countdown insomniac 2015


There we so many amazing sets at this years festival, My favorites were What So Not, Tchami, Carnage and Kaskade.