June 26, 2017

Mondays Are For Music – Let’s Make a Video with Mad Decent’s Poppy

Lights, Camera, Action !

Mad Decent Records newest pretty pop princess “Poppy” just dropped her latest single “Lets Make A Video”. If you know me I love all things pop… but pop from the 90’s not now so it took a little convincing for me to listen to the track but I am actually glad I did. The song gives me Mandy Moore meets 2017 vibes and I am actually feeling it.

Kinda bouncy and fun the light hearted-ness of this song automatically puts a little smile on your face while Poppy swoons about her love for making music. Miss Poppy takes you on a play-by-play of a typical day in the studio for her. From recording, photo shoots and filming videos she loves every step along the way.

Poppy’s look and  sound is very similar to lable mate LIZ better known as LIZ Y2K, I thought for a moment that this was Mad Decent pulling a P. Diddy on us but no, this is in fact a completely different artist. I guess LIZ has more of an edgier not-so-pop sound, but whatever they’re both cute and talented so I’m sure they will find their own way.

All in all it’s a cute track to give you those teenie bopper feels and take you back to a time when everything was about what makes you happy lol. Give it a whirl and tell me what you think of this track in the comments below, See you next week Monday !




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