Jazzlyn Kirkland, known to the Internet world as “Cookie Valentine” is a Las Vegas based Journalist and Brand Embassador. Working in the world of music and fashion having her feet in both sides of the game. Miss Kirkland has worked as an Entertainment Editor of a popular woman’s lifestyle publication out of  New York City as well as a freelance journalist. Jazzlyn also makes guest appearances as a media personality for multimedia brands conducting live interviews and chatting with guests of the show.

On the music side of things Jazzlyn has built her online following purely based upon fans following her from concerts to music festivals and everything in between. Cookie Valentine is her online persona taking you on a journey with her as she travels all over the country partying with some of today’s hottest music artists. Music journalism is her claim to fame. Collaborating with companies like Grungecake, Fox News, Insomniac Events, Till Late Magazine and many other publications.

Jazzlyn has a knack for personal connection and learning what pulls at your heart strings, with her experience interviewing hundreds of artists, actors, ceo’s and the like, She’s confident in her conversations and can get the hard hitting questions in with the right demeanor.  Radio, TV and soon to be big screen Jazz has a passion for learning more about the lives of our favorite public figures and taking us on the ride with her. One of her favorite learning experiences is her time spent working with WBKE Las Vegas radio for her segment “Cookies’ Corner” on Celebrity Stylist and Makeup Artists, Silver Reid’s radio show “On The Scene With Silver”.  She gained the knowledge of voice control, on air interactions, radio timing, voice over work as well as some work in program directing.

All in all Jazzlyn Kirkland has reached the hearts of so many people from being a friend or a public figure relatable enough for everyone to love. Miss Kirkland will finally be bringing all of her adventures together in one place by launching her site “What Did I Do This Weekend” in April of 2017. What Did I Do This Weekend.com will follow Jazzlyn as she goes on her adventures all across the country. Featuring artist interviews, event reviews, lookbooks and product reviews  Her favorite quote is “Write something worth reading or do something worth writing” and though it is the beginning of her career she has her sights set on making a difference in the world of on air media by bringing diversity and encouragement to people from all walks of life.

Contact Information –

Email: info@whatdididothisweekend.com


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thecookievalentine

Periscope: @cookievalentine