May 26, 2017

Gettin dirty in Las Vegas Collective Zoo Presents: Dirtybird BBQ 

And we’re baaaaack to another episode of Jazzlyn parties way too much. This week my festival feet lead me to a fun filled place made of bbq, bikinis, booze and beats… better known to the world as The Dirtybird BBQ 🐣🎶💦

Photo Credit: Dj Major Nelson

The weather was hot and so was I ! Out strutting my stuff in my favorite cut off shorts and super high end Ramen Noodle Soup shirt straight off the runways of the Amazon… that is lol . I wanted to be comfy and show the fan spirit to see one of my favorite music men “Eats Everything” by donning all food attire, including my donut backpack. Now back to the party …

My festi besti and I show up downtown around 2:30 pm, The show is held at The Downtown Events Center which is right behind the main stage on Fremont Street so we found a cute little parking lot on 4th Street and Carson then started to make our way towards the event. The vibes in DTLV we’re just as beautiful as the shining sun. People passing by with warm smiles plastered on their faces and dressed to impress in everything from Heinz ketchup Halloween costumes, bedazzled boobies and even planned out custom gear just for Dirtybird BBQ. 

And we in here ! Getting in was a breeze the lines were separated pretty nicely and the security guards at check-in were hella chill. My first order of business once I got inside was to hunt down one of the collective zoo hand fans at the merch booth… Nope, not today 😭 womp womp I get to the booth and they’re all sold out. I guess only 25 were made, anywho I gotta keep on trucking. But those fans were sooooo dope.

Now here’s the real main entrance, we get greeted with what appears to be bright green grass where the space is for the crowd leading into a sandy beach like area that goes into the pool and the cabanas. Umm what, in the middle of downtown I’m totes impressed not gonna lie but then I totally lose it when I see the jumbo inflatable slide ! OK little kid Jazzy is in full activation.

If you know me personally you know one of my many jobs I do is work as a ambassador for Collective Zoo so once I actually got inside the partying didn’t start immediately I had to find people, direct people who didn’t know where to park, get people last minute tables and whatever else they wanted, you know the customer service part of the day. But once I got everyone happy and taken care of I had to to go do what any normal festival goer would do under ready to start the party under this the beaming sun. Get an ice cream filled donut sandwhich from the Yuki Shaved Snow booth (yes the one that’s on the ad). 🍦

Photo Credit: Foxy Raver

Most of my daylight hours were spent roaming the grounds, meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in forever, taking pictures and drinking nice cold strawberry lemonade and tequila cocktails. A muy tasty way to get your drink on and beat the heat. After realizing Eats Everything was hitting the stage this was when I made my first ascendence into the crowd. The Dirtybird fans are a riot I was seeing everything out on that dancefloor. I’m just dancing with my friends but my head keeps turning because all the amazingly awesome funny crazy shit going on. 

I see what appears to be a group of girl scouts with one that either A) Sat only the bottom half of her body in a kiddie pool or B) Couldn’t quite make it to the restroom… but for the sake of being optimistic were going with the kiddie pool story. I saw a few people dresses in full blown chicken costumes, a few pretty playa princesses representing for the burning man crew that was in the house. My own squad of Mad Decent Boat Party crew #MADFAM was pretty heavy in the crowd as well. Looking around for more of my friends to roll in I remembered that our awesome boss hooked it up with a table and bottle service for us ambassadors so I b lined my way to shade and more alcohol 🍹

As the night went on and more and more people started to show up once the sun went down the party’s atmosphere went from a nice little bbq to full on festival vibes with the crowd basically triple the size. I wanted to be everywhere at once but opted to get an eagle eye view of the crowd and went to watch the rest of the show from the VIP decks. 

The friendlineup was so insane at this event, everywhere I turned I saw either my good friends, my rave family and even some people I have worked with on shoots or gigs around town and from California so in between conversation and cocktails the entire vibe was just grooving with amazing energy and music to match. 


My favorite set of the night was from Justin Martin, man that entire set was freaking sexual like I was talking and running my mouth per the usual but once he got to the meat and potatoes of his set I legit just disappeared and went to the railing on a solo mission to be as close to that music as possible. 

Photo Credit: Collective Zoo

Today was a good freaking day man. I got to listening to some of my favorite Dirtybirds hit the decks with some dope ass tunes. Grubbed on some fire food and got to see my friends and rave fam. Having fun out in the sun getting the vitamin d and some smile therapy from all the shenanigans going on, I am one happy freaking camper man. This was my favorite event so far in 2017 and it makes me even happier to say I’m part of a company that throws down some cool ass parties.

Photo Credit: Collective Zoo

Memorial Day Weekend is up next and then after that we’ll be rolling into EDC week next. What parties should I hit up ? Anyway here’s to another night out and another dancefloor, see you Lovies soon 😘


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