April 25, 2017

Get Ready With Me – Holographic Makeup #makeupmonday 

Hi Lovies ❤ I had a crazy ass week/weekend took some days off to travel to New York City but due to my lack of get up and go and the massive lines at the terminal I missed my flight, so instead I stayed here in Vegas (Oh no poor me lol) and did some spring cleaning, spent time with my family at lake mead and finally got inspired to do some make up.

I love doing facebook live make up videos where I get to talk to you all and listen to advice and all that jazz so I created this look like on my Cookie Valentine like page and shared it to my personal fb page as well. I asked what kind of look did you guys want to see and I got drag, coachella/festival inspired and natural glow but the one that made me think was from my Master hairstylist babe Sara, she said holographic. I was like ummm what. Can I even do that ?  So then I started to get this look together. 

I used quite a few products I’ll post them in the order I used them. Ohhhhh and OMG I got my hands on the Moda prismatic pro makeup brushes which ultimately inspired me to paint this face in the first place. 

Ok first things first, I started this look off with some light skincare because with this weather change its been making my skin act crazzzzy af and breakout like no other. I cleaned my face with a sample of Chanel siblimage (Shout out to Silver at Barney’s always taking care of me when I shop) then I used makeup wipes that have argon oil to add a little moisture. After that I used a little tatcha luminous moisture spray and finally I ended the mini facial with some Eve Lom. 

So now my skins feeling all nice and refreshed. It’s time to start beating this mug. 

I started out on my outer crease with the color “grifter” from my Urban Decay ammo palette. These colors in this palette are so beautiful and iridescent, super pigmented too I got it on sale from the Urban Decay website for like $10.00 

So after grifter set I went in with a little crease brush using the shade delirious from the Urban Decay full spectrum palette that my gal pal Courtney from Los Angeles gifted to me back in January. I wasn’t too thrilled about how harsh delirious was on top of grifter so I went it with a super fluffy blending brush and applied sketch on top of delirious to marry the colors together a bit more. 

Next I played in this super cute old school palette my festi besti/rave bae Jessica let me borrow. The palette is called Techno, like ummm yes if you know me personally I died over the name alone then saw these beautiful high pigmented gems and was just too happy. I took that what appears to be white shade to the inner corners of my eyes like super inner corners closet to my nose basically and used my finger to apply it. It’s like a super iridescent purple almost monochromatic shade, I want to try on top of some black lipstick one day. 

Once that was set I went back over to the ammo palette and started mixing sin with last call and then applied shattered to blend then pink with the purple shades. Once that was done I went in with my liner and lashes .

I totally spaced and didn’t take a picture of the lashes but they are the #sofancy lashes by Eylure collab with Ann Le. On the top I used the black liquid liner by Ruby Kiss Cosmetics called Liquid Genius then darkened my lash line with the Mary Kay eyeliner in black. So to bring some more chrome-y goodness to the party I lined my water line with this old ass scandaleyes by Rimmel that I had laying around. 

So I know lips are all the rage right now and I already have a pretty juicy pout but I had to be a little bit extra and use this pillow plump xxl by Soap and Glory. I scored this baby for free during Beyond Wonderland (that’s a rave for the non rave fan) Soap and Glory had this cute little pop up station where they were braiding hair and doing temporary tattoos,giving out samples and had a photoshoot area so you knoooooo I totally left my friends in the crowd for a bit to get in on this action and got me a cute little photo out of it too ! 

Oh shit I got sidetracked but yes this plumper is soooo good I applied it first before my foundation and stuff because it stings like a mofo. But my lips look better than Kylie’s with this stuff (p.s. I love Kylie no shade)

I went on with this Mary Kay foundation primer that my cousin Selena sent me,she’s the Mary Kay plug in Atlanta if you need anything hmu (See free advertising cuz) anyway I actually like this one it isn’t too greasy and a little goes along way. 

Next I grabbed my Moda prismatic brushes and this Mary Kay timeless matte foundation and went to town on my face and neck area.

Once that was all set I skipped the contour today because now my friends are blowing me up because we’re going to Marquee to go see my fave Dj Carnage but I did hit up the highlight. I used Might Be by Colourpop Cosmetics and applied it in a c shape near my eye and eyebrow area. 

Well obviously you can never ever have too much highlight so I went over-the-top with the Anastasia X Nicole Guerriero palette and put that bad boy right on top of the colourpop highlight. 

Once all the blinding strobing stopped I added a dark lip by using Lime Crime Black Velvet as a base and adding Colourpop guess on top. And in the hurry I basically had to throw on some quick brows but these two products make it super easy, they’re from the go brow collection by Ruby Kiss Cosmetics, super cheap and good product I used the pencil and the eyebrow mascara.

Last but not least we had to set this face so all my hard work wouldn’t sweat off in the club hahaaa and yes that’s basically all I did,after this I took some photos even though my friends were waiting on me (sorry not sorry) we still got in before Carny went on. Anyway I hope you liked this look and this blog post,please let me know if you like stuff like this,I’ll post more since break is coming up, thanks for listening to me run my mouth,or more like run my fingers… OK whatever you get the point. Hugs and kisses lovies 💏

Oh and Carnage was fireeee per the usual ! If I can figure out how to link this video I took I’ll put it in here too 🎶


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  1. Patrice

    The look is really nice against your skin. Makes me want to try it. There are some colors I tend to stay away from on eyeshadow (especially because I suck at blending). But I feel inspired to try this.


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