October 13, 2017

5 States in 48 Hours – A Mad Decent Birthday Surprise.

First of all… Happy Birthday to all my Virgos 🎂 

Now let’s get into how my friends kidnapped me and took me on a road trip to remember. 

So let’s set the scene. My actual birthday is on September 10th but a lot of my friends live in California. So we made plans to get together Labor Day weekend aka the busiest weekend in Las Vegas apart from EDC week and coming off of the Mayweather and McGregor fight the weekend before I wasn’t sure if I was ready to handle that crowd.  The strip was beyond busy and the mixture of the crowds left me feeling uneasy but luckily for me, my friends had something else in mind. 

The day started out with the girls parading into my house with a barrage of balloons and laughter at like 9 am, aka scaring the crap out of me lol but once I got up out of my sleepy fog I was told to pack my bags because we’re hitting the road. Colorado here we come for Mad Decent Block Party and shenanigans 🙃

Foxy Ravers to do list – 1. Get a photo with your mother and the Diplo head

So to check in California,  Nevada and now we’re on our way to Arizona (the baby piece before Utah) but still a freaking state none the less. No real stops here besides photos and restroom breaks but seeing me try to figure out how to stop the car on the side of the highway is priceless. 

Foxy Raver to do list – 2. Get a photo with the state signs 

Next on our adventures we we’re headed to Utah to enjoy not one but two of their national parks. First stop was to Zion National Park. I have always heard of people going hiking here and a ton of my good friends frequently come here so I was pretty jazzed (haha jazzed, like my name anyway…) to be able to see this beautiful place in person. 

Welcome to Zion

I literally have so many pictures from Zion it’s insane but these are some of my favorites. I’m normally not much of a nature girl but this little mini hike we went on was perfect.  Just enough to feel like I climbed some stuff but kinda not really lol.  The girls are wild they we’re climbing trees and rocks and sh*t. Nah I’m good lol. Now since we enjoyed ourselves a little too much we’re on a race against the sun to get to sunset point at Bryce Canyon before the sun disappears.  

We make it to Bryce Canyon Just in the nick of time to catch the sun sink down into darkness and with the sunset it created beautiful shadows throughout the canyon. So freaking pretty 😍.

Next stop… Colorado !

So there was a break in Grand Junction, Colorado before we made it to red rocks but we basically lost our minds on that stretch of the trip. No photo evidence has surfaced so let’s keep on moving lol.  

We made it ! We made it ! Alison Wonderland and Major Lazer brought the place down. Cashmere Cat was a sleeper for me and I usually like him, I felt like they should have put Alison Wonderland on before Major Lazer but what the hell do I know lol.  


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